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Parikshit, beta tester

Must say Even though Discov is new it has a lot of potential .

Best website builder features are
Designer-made templates. The best templates have all the necessary elements, so you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. Drag-and-drop and grid features. They help you create a stunning website even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. A well-rounded website builder should allow you to move images and elements in any way you want. Optimized for phones and tablets. Approximately half of the online traffic comes from mobile devices, so this is extremely important. High-resolution image libraries for free. It will save you some hassle – not to mention money– while looking for the appropriate pictures without buying additional licenses. 24/7 support. Customer support is essential in case you run into issues and need someone to help you .
and Discov site builder has all of these. Particularly while their 24/7 chat support is one of it scale. While others have a forum in name of support, they have both pretty neat documentation as well as a 24/7 chat right in your dashboard.
Vaishnav raj
Paying Beta user

While their Site builder is in par with Wix and Square space the seo features are a lot better than those of others out there. Plus loved thier Discov Seo

Lillian jase,1st paying beta user

"It was a hard to get a good site builder for a forum Discov solved it."
Ankit Yadav
Owner, Devwp
“Their support staff is great . I can say as Akshat solved a problem from mine end in a jiffy"”
John lihn
Beta tester
“Never thought that being a site owner would be that easy”
Meena devi
Grandma blogger
“Hmm ,must say they let me feel like I'm in control with their advanced panel letting me see my site response time, load time etc. Better than others out there"
Riya Sinha
“Haven't encountered a problem till now. Fast loading ,no learning curve ,great support .”
Dhruv pratap
“Not impressive but still okay. Faced some problem while setting up a store ”
Atharv manas

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