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Not just a website builder but answer to all your Website needs. Including Seo, content, and much more 

Advanced-Ecommerce features

“We offer e-commerce features but as we are not a full scaled e-commerce builder we don’t offer advanced features”. This is the line that most of us have seen so many times that we feel that most site builders can’t compete with Shopify in E-commerce features. Not here we offer:-

  1. custom discount
  2. Variable based pricing
  3. Support for digital goods
  4. All popular payment processors
  5. Super duper advanced reporting features
  6. Multi-currency support
  7. advanced tax
  8. Affiliate marketing option
  9. and much more  check out our E-commerce features

Advanced Plugin

We are one  of the few website builders to offer more than 300 plugins from simple payment processors addons to helpdesk plugins and memberships plugins. If you have a need we have the plugin. And of course we have some plugins which wix users can just dream of including but not limited to:-

  1. Seo plugin modeled on award winning Yoast seo
  2. A award winning helpdesk plugin integrated with your shop 
  3. Advanced Ai based content recommendation plugin
  4.  Advanced form builder with quiz and payment processor integrated  

No vendor lock-in

 Unlike most other site builders we let you export your content in a format which is easy understandable by WordPress, Drupal etc. We also don’t sell domain name and instead let you connect your domain name through our one click connector. As when you buy domain name from us(or a site builder) it is legally owned by us and if we close down or ban you then your life time work will be lost hence we try to always keep you in contact.

Create you site in Simple 4 step

Customize your site

Create a account, Complete the wizard Pick a theme, choose templates for different pages, edit them and your site is designed .

Choose your plugin

Choose your favorite plugins either complete the wizard or edit it personally, take help from the live chat in right corner if stuck and your site is completed.

Optimize your search engine ranking

Describe your pages to search engines and increase your chance to get rich results.Use the different blocks that come with Yoast SEO to improve your internal linking.Make sure you use meaningful keyphrases that will help you rank.and much more to get the top rank you deserved


Just see your site grow

Sit back and check your site ranking in Disocv seo and let the traffic come .

Free access to Discov SEO

Our Pro, VIP and VIP+ get free access to Discov seo .Discov SEO is an app to analyze your site visitors and analyze any site`s information such as alexa data,similarWeb data, whois data, social media data, moz check, search engine index, google page rank, IP analysis, malware check etc


  1. It Has the ability to analyze your own website`s information.
  2. It Has the ability to analyze any other website`s information.
  3. Facebook Share,Xing Share,Reddit Score Up & Down,Pinterest Pin,Buffer Share,StumbleUpon View.
  4. Rank & index analysis.
  5. Backlink & ping
  6. Keyword analysis
  7. and much more




Professionally Designed Website Templates

Choose from 250+ professionally designed templates designed for every type of sites .


Plugins for every need

Wondering to start  a niche site, or looking to have a cool feature. We have you covered with our long range of plugins.